Interim management

Interim C-level management

Changes in personnel frequently come rather unexpectedly and create an urgent need to fill compentency gaps. The interim manager gives you peace and time to reflect over the desired profile for the permanent candidate, for possible carreer movements within the organization and for the right timing for introducing a permanent position holder.

The interim manager has an outside in -view on the requirements for the position and can, hence, give a supplemental opinion on the ideal candidate profile. An experienced interim manager is capable of rapidly grasping the most critical issues and ramping up the function usually takes merely a few days.

When the permanent manager takes on the job, the interim manager ensures that the most critical issues are handed over smoothly.

Interim assignments are always adapted to the exact resource need and time allocation is therefore always agreed on a weekly basis. In order to  optimize resources in both ends, a weekly report is produced, with a week summary, list of critical issues and a forecast of needed time for the upcoming week.